"I watched a video on Facebook of the Perfect Biotic and it made sense of why I felt so lousy. I ordered it and tried it. It was life changing..."

– Christine, MA

The Probiotic America Difference

As the world’s best selling brand of probiotic, Probiotics America sets the standard for digestive supplements. Our team of experts are devoted to delivering the most pure, potent, and effective probiotics, anywhere. All our formulas are scientifically tested and proven to support both digestive and immune health.

Probiotic America Supplements Feature:

  • Robust, Clinically-Grown Probiotic Strains
  • Guaranteed Potency Natural Acid & Bile Resistance
  • 24 Month Shelf Life, with No Refrigeration Required
  • Non-Dairy, Non-Gmo, Vegan & Preservative Free Ingredients

Life-Changing Results is Our Mission

At Probiotic America, our number one goal is helping people live healthier, more fulfilled lives. And every day we receive stories from satisfied customers who want to tell us about their results. Here are just a few examples:

Was feeling way too tired for only being twenty.

By Richard, Indiana

I am a single young man who works full time and just started college. My mother started to grow concern a few years back when she noticed how sluggish and tired I was for being so young, but yet ate a healthy diet for someone my age. After many hours of researching the endless sources on what one may think causes this sleepy effect, she was taken in by what scientifically made sense. After reading about what probiotics can do for the human body not only intrigued her, she also learned that you must do your research to gain the knowledge needed to make sure you are purchasing a high quality product and Probiotic America was the only one that passed her expectation. After using the product for almost three months I have noticed my energy levels have accelerated.

Bottom Line: yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Perfect Biotics

By Susan, NY

I'm on my second month of using Perfect Biotics and I have to say how pleased I am with how I'm feeling. I have superior energy and a complete positive upbeat attitude now. I noticed this change in myself since I started taking it. I also am not craving anything sweet like I used to. No more reaching for the cookies, chocolate and cake. I haven't lost any weight because I am exercising everyday, so I'm told muscle weighs more than fat. With all this being said, I sure hope I'll be able to continue using this product for the many years to come! Highly recommend it.

Bottom Line: yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Great product

By Christine, MA

I watched a video on Facebook of the Perfect Biotic and it made sense of why I felt so lousy. I ordered it and tried it. It was life changing. I did not feel bloated after eating, I did not crave sugars like soda and sweets. I generally felt better. I even had my husband watch the video and start taking it as well. We are both very happy with the product and can tell the difference when we do not take it. It has become part of our regular routine.

Bottom Line: yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Probiotics Solve Gut Issues

By Rhonda, Texas

This product has changed my husband's life. For years my husband has had serious digestive issues; issue that were never really properly diagnosed by any doctor. He was basically told he would have to live with his issues - extreme GERD, stomach pain, and diarrhea multiple times a day (every day). I am convinced he had such bad toxins in his digestive tract that had he never found this product he would have continued down the same path for the rest of his life. After being on the probiotics for just three days he did experience a weekend of moderate discomfort due to the fact that his GI tract was emptying all the "crap" that had been in there for so long.

Since then, he "goes" regularly with absolutely no diarrhea or discomfort. His GERD has improved and there is no stomach cramping whatsoever. An added benefit he's noticed is a slight drop in weight and more energy. Even if these benefits were not a by product he still has had tremendous results and will continue with the product.

Bottom Line: yes, I would recommend this to a friend

How To Know If Your Probiotic Really Works

Here at Probiotic America, we’re driven to create the most potent and effective probiotics possible. And while there are many different brands of probiotic available, they’re not all created to our same high standards.

The truth is, many brands use probiotic formulas filled with weak or even dead and inert strains, making them ineffective for improving digestive health. Lower-quality probiotics also contain fewer “CFU’s” or Colony Forming Units, which are the main indicator of effectiveness.

At Probiotic America, we’ve made sure every capsule of our breakthrough Perfect Biotics formula contains an incredible 30 billion CFU’s of potent, viable probiotic strains.

The Milk Test

There’s only one sure way to know if your probiotics are effective. It’s called the “Milk Test” and it measures the ability of a probiotic to produce enzymes in a glass of milk. If a formula can’t produce enzymes when added to milk, it probably won't be able to produce enzymes in your stomach.

The Milk Test is easy to do: Simply pour 4 oz. of cold milk into a glass, then and add two capsules of probiotic to the milk. After you’ve added the capsules, leave the glass at room temperature for 48 hours. After 48 hours, check the milk– If it has thickened into a yogurt-like consistency, it means your probiotic is working normally. And if not, then it’s time to seek out a new supplement!